Advanced Technology

We constantly strive to provide our patients with the finest orthodontic care available. Our investment in advanced technology translates to a long-term investment in our patients’ futures.

Utilizing state of the art techniques, including the latest in orthodontic clinical equipment and business software, we take pride in providing excellent orthodontic care in a timely manner.

Cephalometric X-Ray:

This radiograph provides Dr. Kalange with a lateral view of the head and face. It is taken to obtain a series of linear and angular measurements that are used to compare to a set of “norms” and is also used for growth forecasting and treatment planning.

Digital Imaging:

Would you like to see how you or your children look with and without orthodontic treatment? This technology makes it possible to more accurately diagnose orthodontic problems and better communicate proposed treatment plans to both patients and parents.

Digital Radiography:

This form of computerized radiography uses a standard dental x-ray generator as its radiation source. The color capabilities show our patients more meaningful pictures than the standard format. The “zoom” capabilities allow our patients to view localized areas for a better understanding of their diagnosis.

Indirect Bonding:

Dr. Kalange, studies, lectures on and utilizes a state of the art technique called “Indirect Bonding.” Simply stated, this procedure allows patients to get their braces on faster, easier and with fewer office visits. And, because the accuracy of bracket placement is enhanced, progress takes place more quickly, which makes treatment take less time. To fully appreciate the benefits of this technique, please see our separate, dedicated brochure on the indirect bonding procedure utilized by Dr. Kalange.

Intra-Oral Camera:

This camera allows us to quickly and easily photograph the inside of your mouth, and then project the photographic image onto a color monitor. Because this magnification allows you to see your mouth more clearly, you are better able to participate in your treatment.


The Panorex film provides Dr. Kalange with a panoramic view of the oral cavity and provides information at a glance about existing fillings, supporting bone, sources of infection, tumors, cysts, and decay. The Panorex film shows more of the mouth and surrounding structures, but with less detail of individual teeth than small films.