The iBonding® Advantage

Shorter Treatment Time

Advanced geometry and mathematical analysis determines the precise position of each brace so that every tooth in your mouth takes the fastest route to its final position. This translates to quicker and more efficient treatment, and a higher quality end result when compared to the traditional methods.

Fewer Office Visits

Our precision bracket placement technique has the final result in mind before the braces are even placed on your teeth. As a result, your treatment progresses “automatically” and requires fewer adjustments than the traditional methods. This means less trips to the office!

More Comfortable

Traditional methods use separators which are wedged between the teeth before metal bands are cemented on the back teeth. This process is one of the most uncomfortable aspects of traditional treatment. In “iBonding” we eliminate the use of separators and bands on the back teeth, and bond the braces in a simultaneous application process using a customized transfer tray. All of this results in more comfortable treatment.