The iBonding®: Process

How it Works

This technology uses precision instruments, and accurate measurements combined with advanced knowledge of tooth form to calculate the most ideal position for your braces. We take each and every tooth into account when creating these accurate measurements.

Accurate Models Of The Mouth

iBonding Model

Impressions of the mouth are obtained, and models of the teeth are prepared from these accurate impressions. These models are an exact duplicate of the shape of your mouth, and the position of your teeth.

Precision Measurements

iBonding Measurements

A series of vertical and horizontal lines are placed on the models of your teeth using sophisticated metrics and very accurate instruments. These lines create the landmarks for which your brackets are placed.

Flawless Bracket Placement

iBonding Placement

Next, your braces are placed on the models of your teeth, and are positioned utilizing the reference lines as a target for bracket placement.

Transfer Of Brackets To Your Teeth

iBonding Transfer

After the braces are placed on the models of your teeth, a custom transfer tray is fabricated that envelopes the brackets. This transfer tray looks somewhat like a mouth guard, and is used to remove the brackets from the model and transfer them to the teeth. This tray maintains the spatial orientation of each bracket. Then, your brackets are bonded to the teeth using this custom tray in a simultaneous process that places your braces in a one quick, and intelligent step.