iBonding®: A Revolutionary Method for Placing Braces

We Have You Covered!

Dr. Kalange has long been recognized throughout the United States as a leader in orthodontics for his use of a remarkable technique called “indirect bonding.” Are you excited about getting braces? Getting your braces on is the first step in achieving a million dollar smile! You may have heard that getting your braces on takes a long time, is uncomfortable, and requires you to have your mouth open for a long time. Have no fear! At our office, we use a technique called “iBonding” that makes putting your braces on faster and easier, and makes your treatment more comfortable, more convenient, and more efficient than traditional methods.

How do we do it? First of all, your braces are placed in one step and they are bonded to your teeth all at once. Secondly, we use a customized prescription for placement of your braces that is unique to your teeth and your treatment plan.

We Do The Math!

Our technology uses a series of vertical and horizontal reference lines, and extremely accurate measurements of the teeth and the dental arches for placement of your braces. A state-of-the-art laboratory process is involved that creates a customized transfer tray to place your braces comfortably with astounding precision.